AUM Housing for Students

Immerse Yourself in the Full University Experience

The best way to get the full university experience is by living in AUM housing, where meeting new friends means taking just a few steps down the hall. Research shows that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their collegiate experience overall, when living near Campus.

Choose the Best Housing Option for You!

All of our AUM housing options are in shared apartments located near the University, in Bormla. You can walk or bike or take a scooter ride from our AUM housing to Campus.

Housing aum

Single Bedroom

Students will have a single bedroom for themselves. (1 Student in total)

Cost_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ € 2400 per semester

Two aum

Double Bedroom

Students will share the bedroom with 1 other student in a shared apartment. 

Cost_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  1700 per semester

In order to decrease our carbon footprint, the use of air-conditioning is optional and charged additionally on consumption with a pre-paid €10 card.

A semester is generally 4.5 months. Please see the Academic Calendar for exact dates of each semester.


Kitchen / Bathroom / Common area / Washer / Air Conditioning & Heating / Refrigerator

Microwave  / Internet / Balcony

Flatmates and Roommates

All apartments are CO-ED apartments (females and males share apartments but not individual rooms). Flatmate/Roommate requests are possible, but you must email the Student Affairs Office immediately upon receiving your booking.

We cannot guarantee that your roommate request will be granted as rooms are on a first come and first served basis, so pre-bookings are highly recommended. 

Housing Deposit & Contract

There is a €500 housing deposit, which will cover the costs of any damages found upon check-out. The deposit is refundable, minus any charges for damages, after check-out. The deposit, together with the semester tuition charges, must be paid before moving in. Every student is required to sign a Housing Contract and Room Condition Report upon moving into and upon check-out.

On-Campus Housing Requirement

Should a Student wish to use the AUM residence to apply for a TRP, the rental agreement will be 12 months in duration. For further information, kindly contact the Student Affairs Office. 

                                                                      Contact the Student Affairs Office

If you have any questions about clubs and activities, make sure to contact our student affairs team.