What are you studying at AUM and what interested you about this degree?

I am studying Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. It has always been my dream to become a civil engineer getting inspiration from my father is one of the main reasons for doing so. With classroom curriculum that is not only theoretical but also practical, this program is designed to train me on the skills I need to work on a team with architects, engineers, contractors, building officials and others. Upon completion, I hope to be ready to set my plans into play and work in a career in construction and move into more advanced positions like architectural drafting or construction estimator.

What does being an AUM Knight mean to you?

I take great pride in being an AUM Knight since the day one. I am receiving excellent education in a building holding such a rich history which is really a dream come true. Although AUM is new, the culture of the University is very welcoming, and I feel at home here. The classroom experience is great but life outside of the classroom is just as important. I often participate in extracurricular activities and enjoy making life-long memories with the friends I have made.

How has AUM helped you grow?

AUM has helped me grow in several ways! One of the things I am most proud of if the confidence that it has helped me developed. I have improved my communications skills as well making me a better student and thus a better professional. I think the interaction with students from a diverse background has allowed me to view things differently and improves my overall experience as a student and the way I express myself.

What do you enjoy most about studying at AUM?

The faculty! I would never have anticipated a new university campus having such amazing group of professors. It is still unbelievable to this day how cooperative and helpful professors are at AUM. I feel comfortable asking questions and even get to visit my professors during their office hours to ask further questions or simply say hello.

What advice would you give incoming students?

Be prepared for an exciting journey, for it will transform not only your future but also you as an individual. Be ready to experience new things and do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Great things happen outside the comfort zone.

For more information on how to study at the American University of Malta, please visit AUM Admissions.