General Education Award Program

The General Education Award Program

Many students come to university unsure of their chosen degree programme. Once in, they discover that what they have applied to and were accepted in does not meet their expectations nor aligns with their aspirations. Depending on their situation, they would either drop out or change track, and in either case that leads to their demotivation not to mention the loss of their time and money.

To mitigate this problem, and to give students an ample opportunity to better select their course, the American University of Malta (AUM) is advertising its 1-semester “General Education Award Programme”. This 35 ECTS programme comprises 5 accredited and transferable broad modules that are common to all AUM undergraduate Bachelor programmes. It is intended to give the students the chance not only to experience University life, but also to interact with fellow students, lecturers, experts in different fields, in addition to exploring the different options and opportunities that different programmes are associated with. At the end of the semester, the students will have accumulated sufficient knowledge and conviction to proceed with their chosen specialty.

The five programme modules cover the areas of English Language, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities as well as Communication. The intention here is to give students a feel of the different academic themes students will encounter in higher learning. Students will also be given the opportunity to select certain modules they may be interested in.

The ‘Award Program’ Modules

The modules comprising the proposed programme are given in the table below. Each of these modules is accredited, and upon successful completion, students will qualify for a standalone module award:

Module Code                                                      Module Title                                                                                               ECTS

ENGL 101                                                              English Composition I                                                                                 7

COM 101                                                               Introduction to Multiculcural Communication                                     7

MAT 101 or MAT 110                                           Precalculus or Introduction to Statistics                                                8

PHY 101 or BIO 101 or CHE 101                         Introduction to Physics or Biology or Chemistry                                 7

PHI 102                                                                Introduction to Applied Ethics                                                                 6

TOTAL ECTS                                                                                                                                                                                35


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