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Welcome to the American University of Malta’s Agent Portal. Everything your agency needs can be found right here. As an approved agent, this is your one-stop-shop for resources to help you give the best advice to your students and help them to make the best decisions for their future.
Thank you for your partnership. We are excited to be working with you.


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Invoicing for Commission

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Marketing Resources

Explore the full range of our courses and degrees, download our marketing materials, and access our admissions requirements easily by using the following resources.


Social Media

Stay connected online and encourage your students to interact with us using our social media platforms. From live updates to photos and videos of the latest things happening around the campus, our social media is a great way to connect online! Don’t forget to tag us using #AUMalta.

Invoicing for Commission

Please note that AUM will only pay commission when a student has enrolled paid their applicable tuition and fees, commenced studies and remains enrolled and studying on campus after the relevant census date.
Commission rate is in accordance with the agreement signed by both parties.
Payment will only be made to the agency name as it appears on the agreement.
Before sending commission invoice, please send the student list to our Finance Office to confirm students. Once confirmed, please send commission invoices to the Finance Office Invoices should be sent as an attachment by email.

Invoice Details

To avoid problems and delays in the processing of commission invoices please ensure that you include the following in your invoice:
Agency name (as it appears in the agreement with AUM).
Name of student in full.
Passport number of student.
Amount of Commission to be paid.
AUM’s VAT number: MT 22724501.
Bank account details: Name of bank, address of bank, account number, account name.

New Agent Signup

AUM actively recruits students from countries all over the world. We consider our relationships with agents to be very important partners in our marketing strategy. If you’re looking to work with us for the first time, find out more about becoming our agent and see how joining the AUM family can benefit your agency.

Promoting AUM

Promoting the University

Use these key selling points to help students understand the benefits of studying at AUM.

Key University Selling Points
  1.  Small professor to student class ratio with personalised individual attention and easily accessible professors. 
  2.  Professors with hands-on practical industrial experience.
  3.  Blend between American style education with a European application to theoretical and practical learning. 
  4.  Start-up environment fostering critial thinking and innovation.
  5.  Partnerships with prominent Univeristies in the U.S.
  6.  Affordable fees for a quality education.
  7.  Being part of the newest University in Malta. 
  8. Unique student life experience. 
  9.  Historical Campus and high-tech facilities. 
  10.  Career opportunities at AUM. 

Promoting Malta

Malta is a fantastic location for your students. With on average of 300 days of sunshine per year and excellent connectivity with the rest of the European Union, makes Malta an ideal base for learning and living.  

Searching for Programs

Click on the boxes below in order to explore more in detail what we can offer to your students. 

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Program Fees

Do you have a student who is wondering about the cost of attendance? Tuition cost can be found using the link below.

Admission Requirements

Do you have a student wondering what the admissions requirements are? All the entry requirements for undergraduate programs and graduate programs can be accessed using the link below.


Do you have a student interested in AUM housing? All the housing information is available using the link below.

Contact the Admissions & Recruitment Office

Ilker-1-270x270_c aum staff

Ilker Yildiz

Admissions & Recruitment Manager

Ola-Tina-scaled-270x270_c (1) aum

Charif Massine

Admissions & Recruitment Officer

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Nada Charaf

Assistant Admissions & Recruitment Officer

If you have any questions about the admissions process, make sure to contact our admissions team.