Office of the Registrar


The Office of the Registrar is responsible for academic and classroom scheduling, student registration, enrollment verification, grading and academic records maintenance, transfer credit articulation, degree audits, monitoring undergraduate general education requirements, degree awarding, course evaluations, student data/statistical analysis, FERPA compliance, and transcript services. These responsibilities, assignments, and services are completed in accordance with institutional policies and standards.

Registration Information

The minimum load for full-time undergraduate students is 12 US/24 ECTS credit hours per semester. Students may register for up to 18 US/36 ECTS credit hours in a semes­ter without special approval. If a student wishes to enroll for more than 18 US/36 ECTS credit hours in a semester the student must receive the written permission of the Provost. A student may enroll in the university as a part-time student, which means that the student registers for fewer than 12 US/24 ECTS credit hours per semester. A stu­dent may study part-time for no more than 7 semesters, at which point the student must enroll full-time to complete the degree or leave the university.

Register for Classes

Students will register for their classes prior to the beginning of each semester. (students should review the Academic Schedule for dates and times of registration). Students must follow these procedures to register for their classes:

  • Students need to review their academic program and study plan.
  • Students need to meet with their academic advi­sors and review the upcoming semester’s class schedule.
  • The advisor must approve the student’s schedule before the student registers for courses.
  • After approval from the advisor, the student must log in to MyAUM and enter the approved courses into the online registration system to be officially registered.
  • When their advisor electronically approves the courses and it is accepted by the registration system, students must proceed to the Finance Department to settle their bill.
  • Students must be present at the first meeting of every course (lecture and laboratory) to validate their registration. If students cannot attend the first meeting, they must notify the instructor beforehand as to whether they intend to continue in that class. Otherwise, their names may be removed from the class roster in both lecture and lab.
  • Students are responsible to pay their tuition in full unless AUM cancels their registration for nonpayment. AUM may also cancel student registration administratively because of academic suspension, dismissal, or termination, or if the student drops the course before the tuition liability begins.
Registration Changes

The student must complete registration changes within the scheduled adjustment period as indicated in the Schedule of Classes. The last day for adding or dropping a course is published in the Academic Calendar and on the web­site each semester.


All students must complete their initial enrollment before the first day of classes for the semester. Retroactive cred­its will not be awarded to students who report that they attended classes but were not on the official rosters. Stu­dents will not receive credits for courses unless their names are on the official class rosters and on final grade sheets.


Students who wish to add a class(es) after the add classes deadline due to unusual circum­stances beyond their control must receive approval from the Provost in consultation with the faculty advisor concerned.


Any registration/schedule changes are not complete until they are processed by the Registrar and entered in the Student Information System.


Students do not receive written confirmation of schedule changes. They are responsible for checking their sched­ules in their MyAUM portal before the end of the add/drop period to verify that their schedules are correct and that they are properly enrolled. Students are not allowed to remain in classes unless they are properly enrolled. Students remain responsible, both financially and academically, for all courses in which they remain officially enrolled.


Students may add/drop any class until the last day to add/drop (see Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines). A student dropping the last class in which he/she is enrolled should consult the Withdrawal Procedures in the AUM Catalog.

Advisor’s Permission to Register

Newly admitted students and current students who are on academic warning or academic probation must obtain their faculty advisor’s approval for registration. All students are encouraged to meet with their advisors each semester.


Official withdrawal removes students from any academic program and cancels the student’s status. In order to return to the university, students need to apply for readmission through the Admissions Office. Students who wish to withdraw must complete a Withdrawal form available in the Registrar’s Office. Students must get clearance from all university departments to withdraw.. If the student completes the withdrawal process satisfactorily and meets all financial obligations, the Registrar notes the effective date of withdrawal on the student’s permanent academic record. The effective date of the withdrawal will be used for calculating billing or refunds. The mark of a “W” will be recorded on the student’s academic record.

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Oumayma Alkhaddari

Deputy Registrar

For further information pertaining to Registration, kindly contact the Registrar’s Office.