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The Provost Office works to maintain and improve the university’s excellence in teaching, scholarship, and outreach. It is responsible for strategic planning and budgeting, tenure and promotion, academic and research initiatives, and general academic supervision of the university. The provost acts as the university’s chief academic officer and oversees all academic programs and units of the university


Registration Information

The minimum load for full-time undergraduate students is 12 US/24 ECTS credit hours per semester. Students may register for up to 18 US/36 ECTS credit hours in a semes­ter without special approval. If a student wishes to enroll for more than 18 US/36 ECTS credit hours in a semester the student must receive the written permission of the Provost. A student may enroll in the university as a part-time student, which means that the student registers for fewer than 12 US/24 ECTS credit hours per semester. A stu­dent may study part-time for no more than 7 semesters, at which point the student must enroll full-time to complete the degree or leave the university.

Message from the Provost

Welcome to the American University of Malta (AUM).  We are an institution of higher learning located in the island of Malta, combining the progressive education of the European Union with Mediterranean charm and hospitality.  Our students come from 49 different countries, providing a multicultural environment with a stimulating diversity collaborating in a lovely and exciting campus and environment.  Our motto, “Learn today, lead tomorrow”, is fostered through the dedication of our faculty, staff, and administration, and by our dynamic and inspired students.

AUM offers fourteen accredited and European Union-recognized undergraduate and graduate programs.  Our programs blend European exactitude with American flexibility.  Our passionate faculty encourage open dialogue, advance challenging ideas, and design classes that engage students to promote creativity and critical thinking.  Our programs combine solid foundational knowledge with a wide range of practical skills to develop graduates who are at the forefront of their professions.

AUM is dedicated to serve its students, staff, and faculty members, and our community.  I encourage you to explore our website and to investigate our programs, services, and resources.  If you have questions, my team of dedicated staff and I stand ready to help. 

Prof. Nabil Fares


Join our community and get ready for a bright future.

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Akin Moroglu


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The Provost Office manages faculty excellence, works to enhance student learning and implements academic policies and procedures. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Phone: +356 2169 6970