Campus History


The Sadeen Education Investment Limited (SEIL) was established in 2014 to build and operate the American University of Malta in Cospicua at the Grand Harbor of Malta.

American University of Malta is an integral part of the Sadeen Education Investment Limited and is intended to provide tertiary level education and training to students from Malta, the region and the rest of world, and to participate as a partner in the state-wide system of higher education.

Engineer Hani Salah, an entrepreneur and founder, began to implement this long-standing vision to build AUM in 2015. AUM welcomed its first cohort of students and began operations in the fall of 2017.

AUM Board of Trustees (BOT) is the highest governing body of the University and seeks to ensure that AUM maintains its noble values and continues along its path towards achieving its vision and mission.

The Board of Trustees sets for AUM its general direction, approves its policies and oversees its operations. It facilitates its endeavours by providing guidance and support on strategic matters in order to ensure that AUM continues to serve its community and meets the highest expectations of its stakeholders within a logical framework that is bounded by law, ethics, equity, social responsibility, transparency in addition to a commitment diversity and sustainable development.

The Board also ensures that AUM remains financially empowered along its path towards excellence and remains in a state of continuous improvement in order to maintain the best academic quality service.


British Building

During British rule in Malta, the Royal Navy made extensive use of the dockyard. The British Building, originally designed by William Scamp R.E and built between 1841-1844, was built as one of a pair. The building was extensively damaged during World War II.

A-Design-Award AUM

Through EM Architects’ design interventions, the building was brought back to life with a renewed purpose to serve Bormla in a new way. As well as restoring the historic fabric in a meticulous fashion, the overall building was also rehabilitated in order to usher the building into the current age whilst at the same time managing to showcase its stunning historic elements. The guiding principle behind this project remained the act of showcasing this heritage building as a protagonist of design.

Knights Building

In 1689 the Knights Building was commissioned by GM Adrien Wignacourt. Later in 1776, GM Emanuel de Rohan constructs arcaded level above existing arsenal. During the British period, the upper level was used as a ropery & sail loft. Much of the building was left in ruins after severe World War II damage.