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2023 Events

AUM Published on ‘The Education Magazine’ front page  


The American University of Malta is a private institution located in the historical area of Cospicua, in the European country of Malta. Established in 2016, the university offers high-quality tertiary education to students from all over the world, with a focus on American-style liberal arts education. The university is accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority. Its curriculum is dedicated to nurturing students with an inquisitive mind, ambitious hearts, and robust spirits with the goal of producing a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial, and innovative leaders. The university currently operates from the ‘British Building’ which has been restored to its former glory as part of a larger project which includes two other sites. Maintaining its historical elements, the restoration of the ‘British Building’ received the Gold A Design Award in 2020. 

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AUM Partnered with Wincons Consultancy Ltd U.K 


Recently, AUM has partnered with Wincons Consultancy Ltd U.K., a leading international educational advisory. AUM and Wincons have been working closely together for past six months to help prospective students from the Indian Sub-Continent and North Africa realize their academic dreams at AUM.

AUM Supports the Cospicua Regatta Club 


The American University of Malta is again an official sponsor of the Cospicua Regatta Club after agreeing to provide financial support to the local sport organisation. To mark this support, President Dr. Michel Najjar, Vice President Dr. Oussama Jadayel and Project Manager Eng. Raeid Ebaid visited the Cospicua Regatta premises to meet the committee and members of the club.

During the visit, the AUM administration was provided with a tour around the premises, whilst meeting different members of the club. The members of the club showed their genuine appreciation towards the university, for supporting the club during the past years.

The American University of Malta and the Cospicua Regatta Club mutually expressed interest in further collaboration towards the Traditional Regatta sport. Both entities are to explore ways how to collaborate in future projects to ensure the sustainability of this traditional sport in the future.

The President of the American University of Malta, Dr Michel Najjar expressed that the American University of Malta is a proud supporter of the community NGOs, events, and the Maltese traditional and historical heritage.

“We are proud to serve from Malta. The country is full of rich history, tradition, and beauty. As major stakeholders in the community, we feel that we need to support the community as much as possible. We look forward to continuing to enhance this collaboration and to launch more initiatives in the future. My sincere best of luck to the Cospicua Regatta club for the next race!”

The Secretary General of the Cospicua Regatta Club, Mr Darren Scicluna said,

“On behalf of the Club’s Administrative Committee and all our athletes, I would like to thank The American University of Malta for not only being one of our main sponsors throughout these last 6 years, where our Club won the majority of Regatta races, but also for helping the Community of our beloved City in many different ways.”

AUM’S Tunisia Visit – March 2023 

From Left to Right:

Mr. Ilker Yildiz, SEM Simon Pullicino, Ms. Nada Charaf & Ms. Wissal Gheribi Rihani

The American University of Malta recently participated in an Education Fair in Tunis and Sfax, where we had the pleasure of meeting with Tunisian students and discussing the many educational opportunities available at our institution. In addition to engaging with students, we also had the honor of meeting with Ambassador Mr. Simon Pullicino, who was accompanied on his visit by Research Analyst Ms. Wissal Gheribi Rihani. During our meeting, we discussed the importance of building strong relationships between Malta and Tunisia and the many benefits that come with cross-cultural collaboration.

We are grateful for the warm hospitality extended to us during our visit and look forward to continuing to work closely with our partners in Tunisia to promote education and cultural exchange.


2022 Events

AUM – Start of the 2022-2023 Academic Year 

On the 28th of September 2022, the American University of Malta held its 32nd Board of Trustees meeting.

This marked the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, and the return to face-to-face academic activity post-Covid disruptions.

On the day, the Honourable Robert Abela, Prime Minister of the Republic of Malta, visited the University Campus. He was welcomed by HRH Prince Jean de Nassau of Luxembourg, the Chairman of the AUM Board of Trustees, Eng. Hani Salah, the Founder of AUM and Vice-Chairman of the Board, as well as its President Dr. Michel Najjar.

During his visit, the Prime Minister had the opportunity to meet with the University staff and students.

The Minister for Education, the Honourable Clifton Grima, the Minister for Economy, the Honourable Silvio Schembri, the Parliamentary Secretary for Local Councils, the Honourable Alison Zerafa-Civelli, and other members of Parliament and Diplomats, attended the event.

Also present, were their excellencies Mr. Khalid Anis, Mr. Fadi Hanania, Kerem Ahmet Kiratli, and Mr. Franklin Aquilina, the Ambassadors of Egypt, Palestine and Turkey as well as the Head of the Maltese Foreign Delegation to Palestine.

In his address to the guests, President Najjar stated:

“We feel that the American University of Malta has become one of the major stakeholders within the local Maltese community, not just the Cottonera region, and we are looking forward to continue offering quality education, in Malta and beyond. It is positive that we continue to meet and collaborate with other stakeholders, so that as a University, we can sustain our contributions to the community not just from an educational aspect, but also on the social and cultural levels.”

A Reading Day for Bormlese Children 

On Friday August 12th, The American University of Malta hosted at its premises a very special event, a Reading Day.

The Reading Day was organized by the Bormla Local Council and was part of the community outreach efforts of AUM. Twenty local children aged between 6 and 12 enjoyed the good part of the Friday morning listening to stories, marvelling at the joys of books, having brunch, petting dogs and many other fun things.

The event was attended by the Right Honourable Alison Zerafa Civelli, the Parliament Secretary for Culture, Mr. Marco Agius, the Mayor of Bormla, the Bormlese author Ms. Rita Grech, journalist and broadcaster Liam Carter, in addition to many council and AUM members.

Children heard stories being read by Ms. Civelli, Ms. Grech and Mr. Carter who interacted in a beautiful way with them. The event was concluded with each one of the children receiving a book as a present from the council. It was a beautiful day for everyone who took part.

Both AUM and Bormla Local Council look forward to many more such days.

AUM contributes to the Cospicua Local, Traditional Festa - Press Release 01/2022

Following several discussions between the AUM administration, the Cospicua Local Council and the Cospicua Traditional Feast Committee, the American University of Malta committed to provide assistance and collaboration in the organisation and preparation of Cospicua’s local and Traditional Festa. Being situated in the heart of Dock 1 in Cospicua, the American University of Malta opened up its premises to the Local Feast Committee to store logistical items, decorations, and ornaments associated with the annual feast. AUM also agreed to also make space available on its campus to set up local feast ornaments and traditional decorations. Being an integral part of the Cospicua community, a delegation from AUM also took part in all the feast activities and maintained a visible presence.

Yesterday, members of the Feast Committee visited the premises of the American University of Malta and officially met the administration. The Committee presented a memento of appreciation to the AUM team for the University’s commitment towards the village feast. The Committee also had a brief meeting with the University Management, which included recently-appointed President Dr Michel Najjar. The visit was concluded with a brief tour of the University Facilities. Dr Najjar, President of the American University of Malta said, “As American University of Malta, we understand that we consider ourselves equal partners with the Cospicua community, their feasts are our feasts and their concerns are our concerns. Our values reflect our commitment towards the region and the community at large. Apart from providing quality education to all of our students, we remain committed to engage further with the community and respond to their needs and requirements. We want to keep our doors open to them and to other stakeholders both on a regional level and the national level. We want to know them better and we want them to know us better.”

The Vice President of the Local Feast Committee, Mr Marco Agius, said that during the past weeks, the American University of Malta has responded to the needs of the Festa Committee and has opened its doors so that the traditional village feast can be successfully organised. He thanked the AUM Management, in the person of President Michel Najjar for their commitment towards the organisation and the community, and stressed that he is looking forward to strengthen the collaboration with the American University of Malta and take it to higher levels.


Well Done Professor!

Professor Dr. James R. Bozeman Jr – Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) to Brazil. 

The purpose of this Short-Term Scientific Mission was to find the probability that sequences of bases in DNA that are likely to be in the left-handed form, i.e. the Z-DNA conformation (as opposed to the more common right-handed B-DNA), occur in certain full DNA sequences. We found these probabilities for SARS Covid-19, Salmonella, Rodent Parvoviruses and some cancer-causing chemicals. More importantly, we found the probability for sequences in the Epstein-Barr virus, which had not been checked previously for Z-DNA forming sequences (ZFS). Finally, we form a classification of the DNA sequences and ZFS, utilizing a partition Markov model.

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Congratulations, well deserved!

We are proud to announce that our Assoc. Prof. Dr. Baharul Islam received a Gold Medal for his innovation from the 32nd International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX). The project title was:

“An Efficient Automated Masked Face Recognition System”.

All inventions are evaluated based on the five criteria: novelty and innovativeness, functionalities, usefulness and application, market and commercial perspectives, and environmental friendliness.

Dr. Islam’s project received significant attention from the international jury board due to his significant innovation on the automated masked face recognition. Dr. Islam lead the project with external researchers and collaborators.


An Email from VP Oussama Jadayel to All at AUM

 Dear AUM Family,

I write to you today on an issue that is not only close to AUM’s heart but also of high importance in this day and age, namely Care for the Environment. It is really time that we as an institution start exerting effort in that direction. Although we are sure that on an individual level, each and everyone of us believes in this cause and does his or her bit, yet WE, collectively as AUM, have to show an institutional commitment to our environment and to sustainability on our planet.

As a first and modest step, and in compliance with regulatory requirements, and as of Tuesday the 1st of August 2023, we will be separating any waste generated on our campus in order to facilitate its recyclability and/or its biodegradability. This will require us to be both proactive and responsible while disposing Plastic, Glass, Metal and Organic waste. 

Please let us all cooperate and make this exercise a success, after all we have to ensure that our mother Earth is left in a good shape for our children and our children’s children.

It’s surely our duty so let’s do our part.

Thanks and Kind Regards