Students at the American University of Malta can get academic support in numerous ways during their educational career. From the small class sizes with individualized attention, to the ability to reach professors during their scheduled office hours, AUM fosters and environment that provides all the resources students need to be successful.

The Research Center

Most students know where the library is, but rarely do they ask the staff for assistance. Our University Librarian can guide AUM students in their research. The AUM library is also equipped with active subscriptions to accredited online academic journals. All AUM students have access to an enormous database of scholarly articles appropriate for academic citations.

Computer Labs

Our campus computer labs offer a quiet space for students to finish their work with printers, scanners, and many software programs readily available for use. The second-floor computer lab is perfect for students looking to do some independent work, while the library computer lab is ideal for student who may seek some assistance from our friendly library technician.

Private Study Rooms

Sometimes the noisy shared student housing, or university hallways do not make the best environment to study. Still only a few students actually make use of the private study rooms available for reservation on campus. The private study rooms situated in the library are the perfect place for students looking for some quiet time to study.

The Writing Center

The writing is the must go place for many of our international students who need additional assistance in their writing assignments. The writing center manager looks over student’s work to help improve their grammar, spelling errors, flow and critique the strength of argument.


At AUM, our intention is to create an environment where all our students can learn and contribute to the creation of knowledge, and we seek to engage and support students while respecting each student’s independence.